When this site was known as StormLight back in the `90s, there were many songs that were used to enhance the “mood” of the stories. Permission was asked, and granted for many of these songs. It was the age of the “midi” and I had an interesting time contacting sequencers of said midis. However, since I personally prefer listening to CDs and MP3s of my own choosing these days, I will not subject you to midis or mp3 files embedded or linked or otherwise. Instead, I will provide a list of songs/melodies which inspired me while I wove this realm out of dreams, bits and pieces of mythos/folklore and various sources. Where relevant, I have indicated the parts of the realm which correspond to the tunes.

Alborada del Gracioso – Maurice Ravel (front page: entrance to the isle)
Ma Mere L’oye (either the ballet or the full suite) – Maurice Ravel
Introduction and Allegro for Harp, Flute, Clarinet & String Quartet – Maurice Ravel (Kieran enters Mykologosia for the first time)
Trois Nocturnes – Claude Debussy (Alta Exsilii – the Sea of Exiles)
Butterfly – Tori Amos (front page/foyer)
Here in My Head – Tori Amos (Librarium)
Thoughts – Tori Amos (Alta Exsilii)
Epona – Enya (Nemorosum Somnium aka, what used to be the forest of dreams)
Boys for Pele – Tori Amos, the whole Album
Radiohead’s Ok Computer, A whole lot of Bach and Dowland as well as P.J. Harvey’s To Bring You My Love and Is This Desire? for the Gaeirnic Exiles story-arc.

The music of Aaron Walz.

Random videogame music from Final Fantasy, Ultima and Parasite Eve.


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