The Guide to Yrejveree will serve as a brief introduction to the main areas of this isle which have prose descriptions or stories. In other words, this will eventually be a navigational and factual guide to the entire world.

The stories are listed in their main sequences/threads/areas, but as you read, you will find that the tags cross-refer other areas. The story-threads overlap and intersect. Also bear in mind that these threads exist in a less formal storytelling structure, but this will change/transform when the novel is eventually written.

Domus Exsulis

Home of Exiles, where the Caretaker of Yrejveree resides. The Caretaker was appointed by the Guardian to look after matters on the Isle as she “disappeared”. This is the main area within this storytelling web, home for the records and the main storytellers for Yrejveree.

Expository Fragments

En Route To Domus Exsulis
A Distraught Lady, The Fens and a Creepy Man
House Slippers and a Swerving Corridor

Areas With Stories

The Librarium

Home to Yildie’s sequence (One of the main characters in the Cantata of the Fourfold Realms)

A Refugee from the City-State
Chess for the Season and All Things Unresolved
Yildie and the Arbitrator
In Which The Arbitrator Speaks of Story-Theft

A Secluded Corner at the Bottom of the Garden
The rivermaiden and the kitsune triad
At the Garden’s Bottom

The Kitchen
The Kitchen Witch Grumbles

The Antechamber
The Swan Maiden’s Gift

The Courtyards of Domus Exsulis

A Courtyard
In a Real Rose Garden, The Roses Dream
All So These Roses May Dream
A Gift Laced with a Mystery

Home to the Gaernic Exiles sequence, set in Gaeirn, where Deiranetta di Gaeirn ran a court before the ravages of war and political skulduggery caused her fall from grace. There are many courtyards in Domus Exsulis, and it is almost as though they have been spawning to accommodate the growing number of inhabitants. How curious.

Areas Without Stories (YET)

The Grounds
A Lamia’s Bedchamber


An independent city-state which grew around a colony of oversized mushrooms run by citizens of the Glade who wanted autonomy from the Guardian’s “protection”.

Better than Mathematicians
Grisette’s Book Alcove and Occultarium
An Unloved Harbour, like a Rejected Swain
A Matter of Loose Translation

Alta Exsilii (incorporating the Lagoon of Secrets)

The Sea of Exiles is a body of water that encircles the faerie isle named Yrejveree. The Lagoon of Secrets and the Siren’s Reef are both areas named by the Guardian and which are a part of Alta Exsilii.

Swimming in Alta Exsilii (from the Guardian’s Journal)
The Mer-Kingdom (from the Guardian’s Journal)
Maryani and the Faun

Camena Draconis

“Dragon Mountain” was dubbed “The Volcano of Songs” by the Guardian, rather mockingly as she could not endure the sounds made by the congregation of dragons at every Festival of Songs.

Introduction (from the Guardian’s journal) (fragment)
The Gradon becomes a Fragment of Dreaming

Most of the original Festival of Songs novella has been removed as it is slated to be massively revisited in The Caretaker’s Tale & The Dragon Who Thought She Was A Tree, although some parts of this story-fragment (as with the Caretaker’s) weaves through other parts of this storytelling web. Please do stay tuned for more!

Nemus Animae

The woods of the soul are where the faeries may be found. Erroneously dubbed “The Faerie Grove” by the Guardian, it appears that the woods are far larger and far more dense than she may have originally supposed.

Entering the Woods of the Soul
Nemus Animae: The Faerie Tribes
A Select Dramatis Personae and Spotter’s Guide
In which Ipede discovers a flaw in his geas

Nemorosum Somnium

One of the oldest places in Yrejveree, this forest of dreams and dreaming has grown only stronger and more potent with time.

Introduction (from the Guardian’s journal) (fragment)
The Wild Maiden of the Trees (short fiction) (complete)
The Gradon becomes a Fragment of Dreaming *
Of Dreaming Trees with Identity Crises
In which a fortuitous projectile fractures something other than its target

* intersection with the Camena Draconis novella, as may be obvious to those who have been following the tale since 1997.

Silva Atra

Fireflies in the Wood of Spectres: Conrad’s introduction
Wages for a Spy-in-Residence; a tale of three forests*

* intersection with the Camena Draconis novella, also with Nemorosum Somnium and Nemus Animae, as is implied by the title.


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