Nemus Animae: A Select Dramatis Personae and Spotter’s Guide

The Faeries of Nemus Animae and Yrejveree have their own distinct personalities, some of which have caused their state of exile. If you are lost at any time, it would be wise to learn who to ask for help, and who to avoid. Do consult this Spotter’s Guide for more information.

Note: The Art is (c) Nin Harris 2001–


The Faerie Lord: No one really knows when this self-styled Lord of the Faeries of Yrejveree arrived, but he has a formidable Court, made up of exiled faeries, nymphs, human enchanters and sorcerors, goblins and demigods. They say his secret for success lies in the fact that his rule is casual at best, and because he seems to have the power to keep other, more traditional Faerie bands and kingdoms at bay. He may be capricious and sometimes cruel but the inhabitants of Yrejveree have come to rely on him to keep some kind of order and protection – especially against the Dark Faerie Court of the Wild Hunt and the creatures of the Haunted Grove. He is often found in the company of The Wild Maiden of the Trees in Nemorosum Somnium but not even the Faerie Lord may succeed in capturing the affections of that one.

The Flitterer:

The Flitterer

She may seem like a bashful wallflower, pretty and demure, but let that not fool you. If you look closely at her, you will notice that her ears are larger than usual for a flower faerie. Her eyes have an intelligent, watchful and often malicious glint. Her lips are wide and tend to curve upward in a gloating smile. She was banished from Titania’s court because of her unfortunate propensity of picking up inconvenient tidbits of information as well as passing them on in the worst possible light. She uses these snippets of information to provoke fights or wars, but mostly so she can gain the friendship of other Faeries. Not that it has helped her much.

Damar the Listener: This elemental stays hidden in the hedge, ever listening for the heartbeats of mortals, and the music that ripples through their souls. She will weave her own melody into your heartbeat, and cause a quickening as you walk through the groves of Yrejveree. She listens to your secret dreams, and helps you fan those dying embers into a conflagaration. You will not find her though, for she is swift and often invisible. If she does grace you with her presence, it is hard to predict what she will do.

Manfred the Tomcatting Fey:

Manfred the Tomcating Fey

Always restless, always irresistible to female mortals, he is rarely spotted without the company of humans. You can find him in peace rallies and inciting the masses at revolutions. You can also find him reading poetry aloud at beatnik gatherings. He never stays still at one spot. He joins worthy causes for unworthy reasons and loves a fight for the sake of the fight, which is why he has always been an activist and pseudo-philosopher. He also enjoys escorting female backpackers through Mykologosia. Often drunk, he isn’t very reliable, but when sober, he’ll be a most informative guide, if you’ve got a bag of coins, a kiss or perhaps something more to spare.

Cochin the Existentialist:

Cochin the Existentialist

Manfred’s cousin, Cochin is a lovely, but rather conflicted Purple Faerie, often found roaming the hills of India. She was once beloved of the Indian Prince that Titania kidnapped, and fled the scene of his death with a wounded soul. Though it has been debated that Faeries do not have souls, this introspective Fey often believes that she has one. That is, when she’s not wondering if Faeries exist at all. Her current dilemma first emerged during her mourning period. Manfred, ever malicious, lent her his copy of Peter Pan. “If we only exist if people believe in us,” she muses, “perhaps we don’t exist at all!” She has not outgrown her “What am I?” phase, and perhaps never will. If you are patient enough to listen to her musings and theories, she can be a helpful companion. Be prepared though, to lie on her couch for a psycho-analytical session. She is very curious about the human psyche and can be mercilessly tenacious in her questioning.

Waterlily the Beloved: A Gentle and Intelligent Faerie, Waterlily is the beloved of Ipede Dwinkum, a wood-dwarf. She was told to win the heart of the wood-dwarf so that he would be diverted from the Arcane paths that he was an adept in. Unfortunately, she fell in love with him while tutoring him in the arts of perfumery. Many ballads have been written about the way she and Ipede defied the Faerie Lord and the unfortunate punishment that befell Ipede. The wood-dwarf can never now see the Faerie-folk or his beloved. Waterlily has mysteriously disappeared, though rumours say she still hangs around Mykologosia, and has been spotted bathing with the nixies of Domus Exsulis. Rumours also abound about a child, half-faerie, half-dwarf, but these remain mere gossip, for now.

Aven the Grove Huntress: She used to be a muse for bards and tapestry weavers. After about a century or so, she got restless with being an object of worship and invocation. These days she prowls the woods of Yrejveree for intruders and protects the innocent with relentless zeal. What she hunts is not specified, but if you enter the grove with clear conscience and good intentions, you’re safe from her. Who knows, she might even look out for you.

Art and Descriptions (c) Nin Harris 2001-


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