Nemus Animae: The Faerie Tribes

(c) Nin Harris 2003 —

There are many tribes here, and not all of them particularly friendly. I’d steer clear of the Wild Hunt led by the Horned One, for instance. Some have mistaken that one for Cernunnos, and for something much darker, by others. He is neither. He is forged of a wild, crazy magic, wilder and crazier than most of the magic of this realm, and certainly darker. If you brave the Haunted Groves you will probably run into the Wild Hunt. If you loiter there at dusk or at certain times of the year, then your life may definitely be in jeopardy.

No, I’d not be taking you to meet those wilder, darker fae, but I will be leading you into safer, but no less wild habitations within the green groves. You’ll meet the leader of the comparatively temperate faeries here, the Faerie Lord- but don’t be expecting a saint, or to be very safe here. I’m sure you’re wondering about the origins of these faerie tribes, so you could pin them down to the folklores of either Europe or Asia. I’m afraid that if that is your aim, you’d be disappointed. In truth, Faeries do not confirm to any one folklore even though they have appeared in different guises in different climates and timezones. They have ever been thus, and on this Faerie Isle, you are liable to meet them in many different shapes or sizes. A lot of them are exiles from the more traditional Faerie Courts and Kingdoms on earth. They are not of the popular known courts of Titania and Oberon, nor will you find any subjects of Queen Mab here. They are capricious, and dangerous, all the more because they are outcasts.

The dominant tribe here is that of the Faerie Lord, whose rules are followed by most of the Faerie tribes of this isle, except for the Wild Hunt and the inhabitants of the Haunted Grove. He was raised in a human home for many years as a changeling before he returned to Faerie. It has been whispered that his time among mortals has changed him, but that fact remains a rumour and I shan’t give it more credence than it is worth. The members of his court include Jarhane and Jehane the twins, Lillias, the White Fae, the shy flitterers and fanged fearies, Waterlily the Beloved, Damar the Listener and Aven the Huntress.

Other tribes include the elves of the Mishgalaveri Mountains, the wild packs of Nemorosum Somnium, and the mercantile faeries of Mykologosia. If you stray into any of the different parts of this island, you’ll probably bump into a faerie tribe. If you do so, it would be wise to remember that the Faerie Lord’s tribe can be your best friend…or enemy. They call the shots here, but lately, lately there have been whispers of an influx of faerie hoardes from beyond Alta Exsilii. It started with the Wild Hunt which has grown in number. But now, unspoken, and hidden, there are more here. Much more. You can feel these invisible presences cramming the air when you breathe in.

Can’t you feel it? Breathe, listen. They are here.


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