En Route to Domus Exsulis

The Caretaker Speaks:

As you climb up the steep steps towards Domus Exsulis, you may chance upon one or two of the exiles who have found a home here in Yrejveree. For decades, the open routes to this stormlit isle were closed, and no one from other planes of existence could enter. Nor could we leave. The self-appointed Guardian elected me to care for this isle in her stead. I resisted, unsure why she had chosen me. But then, I was convinced, both because I needed a sense of purpose apart from being Ipede Dwinkum’s assistant, and because it was the only way to clear the charges against me. That too, had been her promise.

They call me the Caretaker these days, but I have been a great number of things. Shop assistant, Librarian, scholar. The last, inspired me to reach back into time for the names the Romans used to call this isle and the different places here. Lumen Procellae, I called this isle, before my researches into the ancient cultures of the Mishgalaveri Valley led me to discover the original name for this isle. Yrejveree. The simple switch of a name, can change perceptions, can change /everything/ about a place, don’t you think?


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