New Year’s Day

I’m taking a break from academic deadlines for a couple of days for the sake of health and sanity, but then it’s back to article revisions, teaching duties, various other research redtape tasks but most importantly a PhD dissertation I am examining. I thought I’d take a few minutes to write down my plans for … Continue reading New Year’s Day

The Untethering

Earlier this year, in my great social media purge of 2020, I deleted my goodreads, facebook, twitter and instagram. I’ve since re-created the twitter and instagram because I deemed them to be necessary evils, but then enjoyed re-creating my online experience too much and decided to lock them. For now, with my writing career ground … Continue reading The Untethering

Rose and Cardamom Tea

It’s been a really packed Monday. I’ve been chasing various deadlines, writing an ecofeminist chapter for the Interrogating Folklore and Fairytale in the Anthropocene book that I am co-editing, revising my geocritical article plus listening to/watching a couple of really relevant webinars/forums on indigenous activism/heritage, and another one on Abolitionist Feminist Futures with the great … Continue reading Rose and Cardamom Tea