This is a handy list of all of the poems I’ve added to this website — some will be new, some poems that have been on older iterations of this website. I also submit other poems to online magazines and have been in the  process of compiling some to collections I’ve yet to send anywhere.

  1. Milan in Tangles
  2. The Gash
  3. Song for a Fractured Earth
  4. Golden Apples of Desire, Golden Apples of Revenge
  5. The Soul’s Kiss
  6. The Mermaid
  7. Plato’s Dream
  8. lateral revolutions
  9. The Clockwork Tide
  10. The Emissary
  11. Language of the Green
  12. Interrogate Me
  13. Between Stillness and The Dance
  14. What The Woods Mean
  15. The Foolhardy Lover
  16. Mr. Wend-His-Way
  17. The Nylon Guard
  18. The Seduction of Lemons
  19. After Larkin
  20.  Never Tame
  21. The Other Chair
  22. Darcy
  23. The Unicorn Poem