Nin Harris is a published author, poet, and editor. She has lived in three countries (UK: Scotland and London, Australia: Brisbane, and Malaysia: All over the place). She is a tenured postcolonial Gothic literary scholar, researcher, and a senior lecturer at a public university where she teaches literature and creative writing (with an emphasis on hypertext literature, short fiction, and poetry) for undergraduates and Masters (in Postcolonial Literature) students.  As a researcher, Nin has received two research grants as principle investigator/research leader. She supervises M.A and PhD students in her areas of research and literary enquiry. Her profile may be accessed here.

Nin is also an obscure singer/songwriter and visual artist who sometimes dreams in html/css/php. Nin is an advocate of the potential of digital, hypertext fiction. She has been writing fiction and poetry as well as painting extravagant designs and daydreams for as long as she can remember.

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Contact:  ninharriscontact AT theusualgmaildotcom.

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