Going Forward Into 2019

A very happy new year to everyone!

There will be a lot of changes and updates happening across my sites in 2019 as I scale down my social media presence. I plan to be seriously working on my hypertext project that turns 21 years old in October 2019. Goodness. There’s been many changes to it over the years across different web addresses so it’s scarcely the same hypertext web. For many years I jettisoned it as I worked on different projects, and acquired a doctorate. The years span my first degree, my masters, my PhD studies and several jobs until I attained a permanent position in the public university where I work. I also wrote several novel drafts, short stories and poems.

This year I continue with my endeavours on all fronts but I’d also like to spend more time on my hypertext projects (Domus Exsulis is but one). I think this means that if you’re interested in the work that I do, you should check this website and Domus Exsulis more 🙂

I’m not sure what to do with Growing Fins at the moment but it will likely be a random repository of things — like mini hypertext projects. For now, I’m letting it lie fallow until I get a clue.

Feb 9 2019 update: Killed it 🙂