Short Stories Published in 2018


Short and sweet since this is an SFF tradition: These are the three stories I’ve had published this year which are eligible for the usual awards. You may read them if you wish or if you wish to refresh your memory.

All three of them got the usual assortment of reviews. People seemed to like “Being An Account of the Sad Demise of the Body Horror Book Club” quite a bit: it’s been on the SFWA Recommended Reading List for the Nebulas (not a shortlist but it’s always a nice affirmation), the BSFA suggested reading list, and Jason Sanford’s list. It’s also been translated into both Spanish and Italian so I’m really proud of this little story. “Violets on the Tongue” has also received some good reviews and is now on The Quick Sips Reviews 2018 Recommended Reading List.

My personal favourite for the year however, is “Benefactors of Silence” 😉

Onwards to the list!

  1. Violets on The Tongue in Clarkesworld Magazine, Issue #139, 1 April 2018. (Print/ebook/Web).
  2. Being An Account of the Sad Demise of the Body Horror Book Club in The Dark Magazine , Issue 35, April 2018. (ebook/Web).
  3. Benefactors of Silence in Beneath Ceaseless Skies  , Issue 243, 18 January 2018. (ebook/Web).