[poetry]: Never Tame

by (c) Nin Harris. All Rights Reserved.

Never tame
not even as child.
Strange, shy thing
in a private conclave of

Nor older, straining
searching shadows
trees make on midnight grass
a part of the soul ever
dervish in luna-drenched

Never tame
— not when in a crowd
with eyes alert yet remote,
scanning corners for
.exit lights

Watching, hiding laughter
spiraled tauntings as they make
plans and baits and nets to catch
.the wily wicked one

{mix and match!}
sentences and crimes
with my canny lashes
— tongue furled behind small teeth.

Words will drop like sighs of fops;
embrace of mismatched morphemes.
Primeval howl transcribes into
the notes of a sylvan song
{i am compassed by the lunatic moon}
The stain of grass on dreamtime soles
and lacquered toes flexing to flee
{and have you come to watch me fall?}

Never tame
a wild one even when demure
mutter inanities with fixed smile.
Would you bait me with you?

You know it’s hopeless.
I’ll snatch the catch
and bait the match with a
gambit of my own.
(28 MARCH 2002)

This poem was in my online anthology “Chiaroscuro” for a few years before I took it down. I wrote it, inevitably, for a crushbird. The usual story with me and crushbirds. I always go out of my way to avoid them 😉

Consider this a Watermaidens Day gift. If an online “reprint” can be a gift.