Publication Notes: “Your Right Arm” in Clarkesworld Magazine


I have a new short story up, “Your Right Arm” in Clarkesworld Magazine, for Issue #110. It is a very solid issue with some really lovely tales, I’ve read through three of them and am eager to read the rest! That cover art is also incredibly gorgeous and I need to figure out how I can enlarge it, print it and get it framed. A Julie Dillon art print with my name on it! OMG!

I am really happy to be published on one of the most prestigious magazines in SFF but putting out a publication of this calibre every month takes a lot of toil and funding, so if you can, do support Clarkesworld Magazine so that we can have many more years of publications from them!

You can do this by supporting them on Patreon (I am doing this), or subscribing to them via the multiple available options so you can read each issue from the comfort of your devices!

Here’s what I posted on my FB page about it this morning:

I am beyond thrilled to be in Issue 110 of Clarkesworld Magazine along with Naomi Kritzer, Sara Saab, Krista Hoeppner Leahy, Xia Jia, and Tim Sullivan! This is my Bunian Empire space opera, featuring the last human, cybernetic apsaras, and my philosophy of mind/qualia noodlings. So thrilled someone bought it, and that someone was Neil Clarke (and Sean Wallace)! I wrote this the day (and night) Eugie Foster moved on to the next world and after I read her piece in Daily Science Fiction and cried for about an hour. I wanted to write a story that conveyed the sense of loss I felt for the genre, and that had the kind of heart and soul I found in her works. I’m still not sure I got there, but I am truly humbled to be a part of this really awesome issue. There are really solid tales in here! And check out that gorgeous cover!