A Post Full of Good Things


It’s been a very busy semester so I have been terribly remiss about blogging, but I do have squeetastic news about publications and such to share!


  • My poem, Reversed Polarities, went up on the first week of June over at Strange Horizons. It is a poem that is not about the most obvious thing, although solitude is obviously one of its themes. If I were to describe it in keywords it would probably be the following: P Ramlee movies, the male gaze, hybridity, mirrors/the masculine imaginary, phenomenology and various other things. It _is_ a speculative and SFnal pome after all 🙂
  • Story! My first semi-pro sale, Sang Rimau and the Medicine Woman is now up on Issue 7 of Lackington’s!  I’m so happy because it’s my first Bunian Empire/bunianverse tale that I get to share with you guys. This work of short fiction is based on some elements from Hikayat Raja Muda, stories about the bunian from various other Hikayats and oral recountings (and P. Ramlee movies), plus my re-interpretation of Tam Lin and Goblin Fruit. Also features my recurring obsession with were-tigers due to “real life” encounters. Yes, I really did see a tiger spirit Malay bomoh in action when I was a teenager. It was terrifying but in retrospect intriguing. Also, the Malay reserve land “kampung” I lived in during my twenties was full of stories about phantom/spirit tigers. The Medicine Woman herself has been haunting me since I started writing Malaysian Gothic short stories for myself around the age of 18. She also appears in one of my novel drafts, my  grand Malaysian road novel, Abeyance. Don’t know when I’ll return to that novel, but I’m really chuffed that people can read her story now! 8)
  • I am taking part in the Clarion West write-a-thon again. This is my fourth year supporting it, and this year I’d like to get as far as possible tying up the structural edit of Watermyth, the first book of the Watermaidens Trilogy (Book Two and Three will be named Rosemirror and Woodsgyre, respectively).
  • Speaking of Watermaidens Trilogy, here’s a great tease for what the central mythic element will be: Amor and Psyche! This should come as no surprise to anyone who has followed my sites since the 90s (huh, are there any left). It also connects to my bunianverse/Bunian Empire stories in a very significant way. I am SUPER excited about that.
  • Umm, I’ve signed contracts for a couple more short stories since my last post here. 😀 😀 😀
  • 2015 will see not just my first semipro fiction but also my first pro fiction. It’s been such a year of extremes! The bad stuff is pretty bad! But the good stuff is damn awesome sauce.

`kay. Will post again hopefully soon. DO donate to Clarion West through my write-a-thon profile (there’s an excerpt from Watermyth there!). Thank you! <3 <3 <3