Watermaidens Progress report!

Gosh! I actually have news about Watermaidens!

  • I’ve tied up (finally!) the narrative arc of the novel, and have moved into structural edit/revision phase. I think I moved out of First Draft a couple of years back, what with the constant revising and tweaking, but I hadn’t tied up the story arc.
  • The ending has now been written, everything has been placed where it should be placed. And while I say that this is the structural edit phase, I’ve already done the bulk of the structural edit this past week. I’m now at the stage of brutally hacking away and excising everything unnecessary (there’ll be tons of “deleted scenes”, ha), and then playing around with dialogue, language, leitmotif, texture etc. I call this “the fun part” because now I can just enjoy the storytelling without fretting about my destination. Getting a finished/polished novel should take me a few more months, given my academic duties, other writing/research/editing responsibilities, but we’re definitely getting there.
  • While Tower of the Rosewater Goblet (the chapbook edition) never got indie-published, just working on it and finalising it taught my subconscious a lot about the pleasures of completing something massive, and I grew up a lot as a writer during that intense fortnight in December when I was finalising it. It wasn’t a loss — it’s really helping me with all of my projects this year, both academic and creative. Learning how to complete something is one of the greatest rewards a creative person can give themselves. I’m really chuffed I’ve reached this stage with Watermaidens, and I’m going to enjoy this current stage, that I have been pining for, for years. Not going to rush the process because this is golden.
  • * while the  chapbook will probably never get indie e-published, I’m really hoping to have good news to share about individual stories that have been extensively edited/refined since the chapbook version went out to various preview readers. They’ve already been receiving such lovely feedback and such. Hope springing eternal and all that!

Also a reminder that my poem “Reversed Polarities” will be up over at Strange Horizons in June. I’m working on a recording of the poem for their podcast.