Islands, Roses, Transits and Dreams


Brief (happy!) post to say that all of Domus Exsulis has been uploaded to a new directory. It will be few weeks before I re-open it for public consumption, though. It’s been on the web since 1997, so it’s a little worst for wear. I’m trimming sentences, sandpapering paragraphs, and adding public domain or CC licensed images to accompany the text(s). When it relaunches, there may be a couple of new stories as well. And the return of a couple more that I took down.

I feel a sense of responsibility for Domus Exsulis, since it’s not just a website. It’s a hypertextual project and is a part of the history of the quiet revolutions that moved the WWW in the late `90s to where it is today. A small part but it is still an artifact of that period.


I’ve re-enabled my twitter but will remain dormant. I had a fear that I would forget to re-activate it. Heck, I’m so busy and absent-minded, it’s a wonder I remembered to do my taxes today.

My private blog will remain locked.

Be well!