February 2015 Acceptance + Publication News

Happy February to all!

Happy News! Adrienne J. Odasso of Strange Horizons has accepted my poem Reversed Polarities. I’m beyond thrilled to finally be accepted by Strange Horizons. Way back in the day, my first SFF submission EVER was to SH, and it was poetry. Merlusine, in fact, which has been bought by Shira Lipkin and Mat Joiner over at Liminality Magazine. I put Merlusine on ice after it was rejected, but then brought it out, let it thaw, and then edited it to the version that was closest to the one before I submitted it, all those years ago. Unsurprisingly, in its rawest form, it was accepted. That was the one I loved best, that I was afraid editors would not get. They did!

I can also now announce that Sang Rimau and the Medicine Woman has been accepted by Ranylt Richildis over at Lackington’s Magazine for Issue 7, Skins. I am also really happy to be on the TOC with some really fine writers.

All of my submissions are now back except for my F&SF sub and my entry for the Commonwealth Short Story Prize competition. Both of which were rather ambitious and foolhardy submissions, but hey, you never know until you try, as the cliche goes.

I’d like to send out some more submissions this month, but I will be cutting it close. Lots of things happening in my personal life too. I’ve had a massive health scare, but I’m doing okay.