The Mythogenetic Grove

The Mythogenetic Grove


Hullo. Welcome to The Mythogenetic Grove, my binary home and primary presence on the intertubes. I am Nin Harris, an SFF author, a published poet, and a tenured literary academic at a public university.

News pertaining to my publications, genre-related news, and other articles/essays related to myth, folklore and various mythopoeic/mythogenetic intersections may be accessed here. I’ll be posting updates the old-fashioned way!

  1. 18 February 2017: What’s a John W. Campbell Award and Am I Eligible? I’m writing this not just about my eligibility but for the benefit of SFF authors outside of the usual circles at the heart of the industry who may not know these things.
  2. 18 February 2017: A truculent post about authorship. Yes, I do author my own works. No, I am not a spineless equatorial lily. Gasp, shock, consternation galore!
  3. 2 February 2017: Publication Day: “Prosthetic Daughter” in Issue #125, Clarkesworld Magazine, February 2017.
  4. 13 December 2016: On Not Being a Revenant: At the Crossroads as a (postcolonial) Gothic Scholar
  5. 10 December 2016:A Brief Personal Review of My Year In Writing
  6. 22 November 2016: SFF Works Published in 2016 — My awards-eligibility list!
  7. 2 November 2016: Publication Day: “What the Stories Steal” in Clarkesworld Magazine, Issue #122, November 2016.
  8. 21 October 2016: Publication Day: “Butter-Daughters” in The Sockdolager, Fall 2016, Issue 7.


My mythic fantasy hypertext fiction project (which has been online since 1997), Domus Exsulis!

All of the Arthropod Trails posts are located here.

Additionally, I periodically add poems (from older iterations of this website) to my online poetry repository.


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