Hi. This is the official author website of Nin Harris.

You’ve entered an interstitial binary enclave that connects you to various aspects of me found across the World Wide Web. You may peruse my biography & bibliography or peruse the most recent posts pertaining to my published work:

  1. 9 June 2019: Fairytale Salon Seminar Series
  2. 3 January 2019: Going Forward into 2019
  3. 2 December 2018: Short Stories Published in 2018
  4. 8 April 2018: Publication Notes: Being An Account of The Sad Demise of The Body Horror Book Club in The Dark Magazine , Issue 35, April 2018.
  5. 8 April 2018: Publication Notes: “Violets On The Tongue” in Clarkesworld Magazine, Issue #139, April 2018
  6. 6 April 2018: Publication Notes: “Benefactors of Silence” in Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Issue 243, January 2018
  7. 6 April 2018: Publication Notes: “When The Night Blooms, An Artist Transmutes: A Three-Act Play” in Issue 31, The Dark Magazine, December 2017.

Interested in Interactive/Hypertext Fiction? My mythic fantasy hypertext fiction project, may be accessed here! Additionally, I periodically add poems (from older iterations of this website — but there will be new ones) to my online poetry repository.